Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Giving Value To Your Hanging Baskets At Home

Most of us take for granted the value of hanging baskets because we feel that our plants don't need them. But, what we don't know is that hanging baskets are beneficial to our plants in so many ways. Let me give you reasons why you should buy and use hanging baskets at home. Hanging baskets are container gardens that are suspended overhead. They are ready made that can go from garden centers to home hook with little time and effort. They are now increasingly popular as a way to add eye-level color to decks and porches of our respective homes.

Growing in hanging baskets has advantage over in-ground gardening. They also make a trendy choice for both young gardeners with little time to dig gardens and aging gardeners looking for an easy, ready-made pop of color. Hanging baskets solve the problem of poor soil and their tight plantings does not only offer solid balls of color but virtually eliminate the process of weeding. They are out of danger from any form of marauding flower-eaters such as rabbit or any pets at home. The success to a successful hanging basket gardening is knowing when and how much water and fertilizer they needed in order to live.

Remember that we can only put limited soil on our baskets and they are exposed on all sides to drying wind, that only means they need frequent watering compare to in-ground plants. Because all the watering quickly leaches nutrients from the planting medium, more regular fertilizer is needed to resupply the food bank. Maintenance is the key to achieve your goals.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Living In The City Can Be Livelier and Greenier

Apartment or condo dwellers are considered to be flexible people. They can come and go as they pleased and often they can leave as soon as their suitcase is packed. Living in a house compared to living in an apartment or condo units have their pros and cons and it' s the age old question which we often struggle with. I used to think that I could never live in an apartment because of the fact that there is no space for gardening. But everything has changed when indoor gardening was introduced. All you need are pots and planters so you plant your favorite flowers on them.

Varieties of outdoor and indoor planters are sold everywhere even online. Thus, giving buyers more option or choices for the kind of planter that would suit their spaces. They could choose from wood to fiberglass and they can even customized the planter that they want. Because of these, living in the city is much livelier because of the greenery you have at your apartment. There are also commercial planters that are suitable for business and office locations. Planters nowadays are modern, elegant and chic that only shows how fast our world has changed.

Planters is not limited to apartment and condo units or any business establishment in the city, they can also be used or displayed in any garden at residential areas. Buyers are sure to have the right planter for the kind of home that they have.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Illuminated Planter

It has been exactly a month since I last take care of our plants and trees in our garden. Having a new baby at home is a total blessing but it disorganizes my everyday routine for the past two years since I have started gardening at home. Which I don’t have any regrets at all. Good thing I have my husband to help me with the gardening duties and tasks because I was advised by my doctor not to do any outdoor activities for a while so that my body could fully recover after giving birth. While I was putting my baby to sleep last night, I saw these beautiful dancing Christmas lights at our neighbor’s front yard.  And I suddenly realize that it’s almost Christmas and yet we haven’t decorated our home. 

Since, I really can’t go out to buy additional decors, I decided to purchase online.  I immediately open the page where we normally buy products and other materials. I feel very secure that my credit card details and all other information are kept private in this site. I bought additional illuminated planters for our garden. I wanted to bring our evening garden to life but also making sure that it would last long and could tolerate any weather condition. With hooks and lattice, I know that their products are of the highest quality and the materials are durable as well. I bought different colors and shapes of illuminate planters since they could be a good alternative for Christmas lights outdoors. 

Illuminated planter is a great d├ęcor, planter and lights all in one product. I am looking forward to receive this product in a couple of days. And I can’t wait to see our garden at night with these planters in it. Without lights our world would never be the same and without these lights there would also be no sight.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Day At The Mall With My Family


Buying additional baby stuffs at a known mall near our area, quite excites me and the tiny life inside of me.They say motherhood is a great honor and privilege, since not all women are blessed to conceived or carry a life inside their womb. Others say motherhood is also a choice, because you can also be a mom without having to conceive. That means you have the option to adopt a child, and it's your responsibility as mother to raise the kid as if he or she is your own. The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness, you become the servants of your child or children. You are no longer the center of your own universe and you relinquish that position to your children already. Everyday women are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of every family member. From the father to your children, it's so crazy how drastic even the small details change but in such an amazing way.

After 4 years, now, we are again expecting our second child. Thank God for this additional blessing in our family. It was always such a great feeling knowing that another life is growing with you for nine months. And you have to protect that life from the time you conceived it until they grow up and be independent enough to have their own family as well. Still, your work as a mom doesn't end there. I was sitting comfortably at the lounge area of the mall waiting for my husband and son while they buy something to drink, when I saw the balcony of a famous Italian restaurant. We often eat at that restaurant, since I have been craving for their great pasta and pastries. Now, they have added the Azalea trellis space dividers in fiberglass planter as their privacy screen, as well as, a space divider too.

I really think that these trellises space dividers are a cool additional outdoor design and attracts more customers to check out and visit their place. I think it is also practical to use the artificial flowers instead of the real ones, since, it could lower down their cost for maintenance and these  flowers do not wither and is always on season. It totally suited the exterior landscaping of the restaurant. When my husband and son arrived, we all decided to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant after buying the things our little baby needs.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Food As A Universal Language

They say that life indeed is very unpredictable. We really can't tell as to when we will be leaving this place. But the good thing is that we were given the chance to wake up everyday and be able to correct yesterday's mistake. Not only that, but another good thing is that we were given the chance to enjoy the perks of living. According to George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright, "there is no love sincerer than the love of food". That is also the main reason why, a lot of people spend more money in trying out different dishes and restaurant specialties. Food is usually the comfort zone and a good stress reliever of most people nowadays. Others might be looking after their weight, but, there are those who do not want to die without eating all the food they want.

There are many beneficial effects that certain foods have on our health. So we must choose carefully what we eat or drink. But, sometimes eating unhealthy foods is OK, as long as it is eaten in moderation. There is this friend of mine, which is my eating buddy. She would always send me a message or call me whenever she craves for something to eat. Last night, we went to a burger cafe near her place, it was our first time there. We would always pass by that cafe, but never had the chance to taste their dishes. The lighting was very good, it really compliments the interior decoration and they are aiming for a fine dining experience. They have seats outside for those who'd like a fresher air. They do have large wooden rustic planters lined outside with nice green plants that covers customers who sits outside. We have tried their best selling American burger which is good for two persons already and the Italian pasta with Ratatouille, and the healthy red tea drink which has pineapple juice added on it.

We left the restaurant with a happy tummy and we were both satisfied with the food and the service. We are already planning our next visit to that cafe. Hoping that they do have a milk tea next time we dine in. We should be thankful because not all of us are blessed and has the capacity or the money to buy food whenever we want it.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Appreciating Nature's Given Beauty


Humans need food in order to live and survive. It is also the same with plants, they need soil for them to be able to grow, but soil is just one of the many needs of the plants. Light, water, air, fertilizer are also the other components of a healthy growing plant. That is why they say having your own garden at home is such a tedious job, and it feels like you have another baby, because you have to make sure that these plants meets all their needs in order to survive. It was a challenge for me at first, when I started gardening. Ever since I was kid, I felt like I never had a green thumb not just because the flowers that I planted wither and die in a matter of days but because It was never my hobby back in the old days.

I could still remember, back in my grandmothers garden. She used to plant her favorite red roses in pots and then line them all in our patio. I never thought that after all these years, I would also do the same. But now, I'm planting these red roses in a carriage house premier composite planter, which is a more elegant and modern in design. Everything about the carriage house design and its construction from a premier composite material shouts of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Having your own garden and knowing that every plant in your garden is a fruit of your labor is such an overwhelming feeling. Not only you get to exercise everyday because of the maintenance that these plants need, but also you harvest and eat your own food that is free from chemical fertilizers.

Plants are everywhere around us, they take time and patience to grow. But seeing the outcome or the fruits of your labor is already an achievement. You are not only cleaning the air at home but in many ways helping the environment to protect and save our planet.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Value Of Self-Care

Everyday we face different problems and issues in life that would make us worry and stress ourselves out. But, let us also not forget that everything is just a test and soon we'll be able to figure out the answers. Always remember that locks are created together with the key. So let us always be positive towards Life. It has been months since our family had a little bonding. So my husband decided that we should set aside everything and pamper ourselves a little. It sometimes help us to think much better after de-stressing and recharging our batteries with a little pampering. A week ago, my husband already booked a hotel room for us 3 and listed on some things we can do while staying at that 5-star hotel.

Last weekend, we totally enjoyed staying at the hotel. In a way, it has help us forget all the worries that we have. Pampering ourselves is truly essential not only for our mental health but also for our happiness and positive outlook in life. With our busy life, we tend to forget that we should also prioritize self care. We arrived thirty minutes early of our booking time and decided to roam around the hotel to check on the amenities and other facilities, while we are waiting for our room to be ready. We were all very happy to see that they do have an Olympic size swimming pool and a jacuzzi on the side. The design and theme of the hotel is a Modern Victorian interiors. Everything there is modernized, from re-thinking guestroom configurations to ensuring highly personalized experiences, hotel owners are transforming accommodation units into the highlights of any escape. When, we finally checked in our hotel room, we were very surprise to see a spa-like bathroom with scented candles and flowers everywhere, as well as hotel planters with plants on the side.

We also saw huge hotel planters on the veranda with different flowers and shrubs planted on it, that is to balance comfort and formality in the hotel. The hotel also have over-sized windows for natural lighting, natural building materials, green walls and green roofs, recycling bins for guests, and electronic water faucets, they are just a few of the hotel trends for staying green as well. I think it was the best two-days off ever, and had to spend it with my husband and son which makes it even more special. taking time out to care for ourselves can remind us that our needs are important too. Having a well-cared body can make us feel good about ourselves and our life.